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Is Deadpool 2 going to be shitty? Before and after

Treat this as a before and after. Here are the reasons why I’m worried. Will follow it up with answers to the questions after I see it

Expectations are high. The first was an absolute little gem. It broke records, it was weird, it was rude, it shocked, it gave us hope for the X-Men films in the future. Can it match it or come close?

Here are the reservations 

Can we get bored of Ryan Reynolds humour? Probably

The Xforce crew look pretty shitty. Their costumes look cringe worthy. I’m actually really scared to see these guys. One of the best things about the first was the odd small selection of Xmen. Now they are introducing Cable and Domino and the whole x-force team? Isn’t this just supposed to be Deadpool 2 not an xmen avengers film? Worried. Also worried about Domino, she looks pretty budget.

Can it match the expectation? The first was so good. How can they follow up well?

Josh Brolin as Cable actually looks pretty bad as cable in the trailers. You can’t fuck with Cable, if he’s  done badly the movie is a flop

The soundtrack in the trailers is a bit shitty. Usually that’s a sign that they are hiding something


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