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What the fck is the dark web?

You probably hear about this dark web thing a bit. Sounds pretty intense and mysterious if you don’t know much about it.

To put it simply – it’s a part of the internet that is not indexed by search engines, this means its practically untracable due to the way you access it. Wikipedia says this

The most popular/notorious site you can access within the dark web of our generation is the Silkroad which has been well publicised due to the dodgey shit that you could buy on the site.

A large majority of the dark web is made up of .onion (Yeah pretty into that name too) sites like Silkroad.

To access the dark web – and the sites within it, you need a browser called Tor and if you want to be using Tor, you will want to use it anonymously, you will need a VPN. Here’s a blog of some passionate computer people debating whether the VPN actually makes you anonymous – here.

Dark web/deep web? What’s  the difference man

There are 3 mainly used terms when referring to the Web and it pretty much comes down to how well they are hidden. Surface – referring to what we use with google etc. Deep – sites that have been hidden from search engines and Dark – a section of the deep web that can only be accessed through specific browsers such as Tor.

What it’s used for

Here’s a list of what people use it for

Gambling    0.4%
Guns   1.4%
Chat   2.2%
Abuse   2.2%
Books    2.5%
Directory   2.5%
Blogging  2.75%
Porn   2.75%
Hosting    3.5%
Hacking   4.25%
Search   4.25%
Anonymity   4.5%
Forum   4.75%
Counterfeit   5.2%
Whistleblower   5.2%
Wiki   5.2%
Mail   5.7%
Bitcoin   6.2%
Fraud    9%
Market   9%
Drugs   15.4%

Drugs win.

Umm whats with the Onions again?

Yeah onions. The name comes from how you would imagine it to come from, layers. Layered proxy networks otherwise known as darkness which use the domain suffix .onion. The anaonomys nature of the onion proxy works through 3 encrypted layers before the actual data is exposed.

Is it illegal?

Nah but. Its just browsing like you would with Google, its just different becuause you cant be traced. Its just what the majority of users tend to search for within the dark web that is illegal ie silk road.

Step by step guide

Heres a step by step guide by some other blog who will show you how to do it. In a nutshell, get a VPN, then use Tor.


I guess knowledge is power so give it a shot, why not, get a VPN, get Tor and have a snoop around. If you’re into whistle blowing (which accounts for 5.2% of the community) It just might be the place for you. It’s a funny one, there really is a massive element of fomo here but don’t expect it to be a roller coaster of fun unless you’re up to dodgey shit. Give it a crack though, tick the box, get bored and then make yourself sound hardcore by telling your friends that you did it.

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