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Infinity War is pretty good

The number 1 most anticipated comic movie ever to come out of the cinema is out and its pretty good. Pretty good. I wish I could say more than that but that’s all I have.

Massive fkn spoiler alert. Do not read on if you’re going to watch the film.

The film was entertaining, there is no question of that. It just left me a little vacant. I liked it but.. but

Good and Shitty bits

There are some good bits and some shitty bits

Good bits

Thor – keeps getting better
Bad guy wins – For once
Thanos – Thanos is good, could have been better but he was still good.
Spiderman – Still pretty likeable
Rocket – Always pretty good
Characterisation – For the amount of characters they had to fit into this film, they did well. Much better than the previous Avengers films.
Part 1 and 2 – Hiding the fact that it is part one of two (to the non nerdy types who didn’t know it’s name was changed from “part 1” a few years ago)

Shitty bits

Star Lord – Weak and irrelevant. Really sad, they made him a dickhead. Why did you have to do that? 
Tyrion Lannister – Really? Love him in Game of Thrones but.. same accent.. Shit bit of the film. Still hurts
Everyone dies – ..but will obviously come back to life. This isn’t that shitty but I will leave this here
Vision – Still shit (make him do something for once please)
Thor – Getting his eye back. Don’t take an eye away and give him one back.
Thanos purple – Bit of a shitty purple 


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