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The Venom Trailer is OK

The Venom trailer is out and it’s ok. The first trailer gave us fck all so it’s nice to have a trailer that releases a bit about the story.

Here are a few discussion points about the trailer

Not sure about the Venom voice

Not convinced with the portrayal of the Eddie Brock character. Seems a bit soft perhaps…?

Not sure about the CGI


No Spider-Man (yet)

No Carnage (yet)

Well to give it credit, it has given us what we wanted, a lot more, namely, a look at the big guy… and to be honest, it’s hard to make a call on if they nailed it or not. Have a peek at the image below.



What do you reckon? Fck, hard to call. It’s ok I guess. Is he too wet? Maybe. Maybe a little too critters?

Fck Critters

Know what I mean?

Heres the full trailer.

Gonna leave this here.



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