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What the fck is AIY?

The idea of making your own robot might sound a little extreme but with the release of. Googles AIY range, the act has become a hell of a lot easier. To bring out the little constructor in you, the range allows you to put together all the parts to make a little robot box.

The best way to explain it is by watching the video below but in a nutshell you can teach it things by showing it things, it will in-turn acknowledge what it has seen. You can show it a chicken sandwich and it will remember it. Not sure why you would need to teach it chicken sandwiches but if you’re ever in need, this is the thing for you.  It has a camera and a microphone that you can build into it.

Do yourself a little favour and watch this little video

These things are available at Target for $50. You can make your own smart robot… well it’s just a box but you get the picture.

Google them to find one near you. I’m getting one.


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