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Jessica Jones Season 2 Sucks

It has dropped the fcking ball.

The first season was pretty good. The first of the Netflix/Marvel shows. It broke little boundaries of what to expect in a Marvel production. It was a little edgy, pretty honest, the odd soft porn bit, it was a breath of fresh air. Admittedly they have had a couple of misses but going with Punisher (Prdygd) being the last series released, there was a bit of hope.

The second season is fcking confused. All over the place. Everything the first season was, the second isn’t.

Here are the shitty points.

Shitty Story

Awkward Characters

Feels like bold and the beautiful at times

Shitty new cast

Bad guy sucks

Jessica isn’t bad ass anymore

Fuck. It just sucks. I’m disappointed. I don’t think I will finish the season. I’m at episode 5. Fuck. What have they done. Don’t do it. Don’t even think about it.

Not only has it messed with Jessica Jones as a series, it has added question marks to the quality coming out of the Netflix/Marvel partnership. The Defenders was horrid, this wasn’t as bad but it’s in the same sentence. That’s now 2 that are bad. I’m now scared about Luke Cage Season 2.

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