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Google Spotting

Fark, Google moves pretty fast and its fricken incredible how fast these changes will take full form and become the total norm.

Here are a list of brand new things to Google that are pretty bloody relevant.

Google shopping in Google images

Lets say you Google some headphones like the SoundLink on-ear Bluetooth headphones. If you are afraid to click the link, do it yourself. Google that product and then click images it will take you to a list of places you can buy them followed by the organic images of the product. Try it, go on.

Google Videos is now a Google search of videos

This is massive change. It’s a big win for the news website especially. It’s now making us go to the perspective news website (who have paid for it) to watch the videos instead of finding some sort of phone captured pirated version. YouTube is now off by itself again and its being promoted big time. Moving itself toward a subscription based platform. In hindsight, turning itself into Google Videos is pretty genius isn’t it. Force us to watch videos on youtube then move away. Get us keen then take it away. Clever girl…

Here’s the Simmons Jam –

Google shopping on all websites. Every website can become a shop
Also very big news. Well the other day I was on finding an Synonym for “Spawn” when all of a sudden the top banner and then on the next page, the side banner started displaying products for headphones for sale. Obviously I had been looking for some headphones lately and they got me at an opportune time.  Not just 1 product but 8 products from Now any website can become a shop… think of that for a second. Advertising just stepped up a level.

Yeah so incase you are wondering. I didn’t end up using any the the synonyms for spawn.

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