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This Jurassic Go thing could be pretty sick

Ok, can’t say Pokemon Go was that good but you can’t not give it an abundance of credit for using the augmented technology it used. It captured the imagination of people of all ages across the world. I feel its probably taken a little bit too long for the next of its kind to come out but its finally here.

So Jurrasic Park are bringing out an AO game for the release of its New Jurassic World film called Jurassic live. So we get to cruise around in an augmented world and find dinosaurs. Um thats actually fuckin awesome. The film actually looks a bit shit and im a little nervous for the second installment of the reboot as the trailer stinks. Theres a part of me that feels like they might make the same mistakes that they did in the earlier set of films but thats another story to be told at another time.

Heres a little taste.

The game is based around catching any of the 100 dinosaurs and collecting DNA. As much as catching a raptor would be solid. We can only wish hard that they will release a little Newman to catch.


Im more pumped about this than the film. Little worried about the graphics as that was probably the worst part of the Pokemon Go experience. Lets just hope they have done it right and we get to catch a life sized Jeff Goldblum in his prime.

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