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Black Panther is Sick.

We are joining the rest of the world in saying Black Panther is sick.

There has a shit load of hype but it really has delivered. I went in there with pretty high expectations and it really did nail it. I have really been trying to work out where it rates with Marvel films and it really is up there. It’s in the 8 range and there are many in the 8 range. Is it the best? I’m quite confused as it might be…

(Spoiler Alert)

Hey, why so good?

The guy who plays Black Panther is epic
I didn’t know too much about this Chadwick Boseman guy before Civil War but from his limited time in Civil War, you could tell they had casted well here. He delivers again in this.

In fact, all the cast is epic
It’s all casted well. Enough that it stands out. Without giving too much away, the gorilla chief is really fckin epic.

Ulysses Klaue
Fwor, Andy Serkis, you legend. His South African accent was absolutely nailed. He totally stole the show and there is a truck load of competition. Well done Golem.

The costumes
Nailing “Future African” wouldn’t have been sinch but they nailed it. For most of the film I was marvelling at the costumes. Can’t say that happens much.

Gave a few emotions
I may have had shed a tear. Felt good.

African Tech
It was a little bit like James Bond at times. Even had it’s own M. Tick

Tech Rhinos
Possibly my favourite bit. Dudes riding tech rhinos. Takes you back to Dino Riders, thats’s a great place to be taken back to.

It’s an 8ish out of 10. That’s pretty fckn high.




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