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The Evolution of Speed Dealer Sunnies

Check these dope speed dealer sunnies out.


The best bit of this post is the speed dealer image gallery above but if we have to make a comment on something. This post compliments it a bit. Where will speed dealers go from here?


Sports sunnies are pretty deep aren’t they. They may be practical but they have not really come a long way since global sportsman started wearing them. Oh gee, check out Shane again in those dashing speed dealers above, he really does look at home with them doesn’t he. 


Check the speed dealers Nathan Lyon sported over the in the summer of 2017.

Solid sunnies Gazza

White sunnies with a purplecentric glimmer. Fresh, Nathan, real fresh.


Nic Maddinson tried to change the face of the sports sunnies when he played his first test wearing Oakley Frogskins. Not sure if the cricket fraternity frothed too hard on it. (I can’t find an image of it yet but watch this space) Nic is prone to miss the mark a bit. As seen below. 

Nic Maddinson


Where to now for sport sunnies? Nic had a crack but cricket wasn’t quite ready for it yet. Nathan (as spotted above) still reckons they are pretty sweet and he’s in the test team. If you’re in the test team, you seem to be able to influence fashion. What’s Nathan going to throw up next? 

 Nathan Lyon

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