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Some bloke reckons we shouldn’t trust video

Jason Roy
There was a 20/20 game of cricket the other day and one of the Australian blokes hit a ball in the air and the bloke in the pic reckons he caught it. He put his hand up and let everyone know. That’s all good and proper if you think you caught it then fair enough and that can generally mean thats enough. These days with 2 million cameras everywhere, we can replay it and look at what happened and judge it “fairly”
They checked the replays and this image was shown. The umpires adjudicated and changed the ruling to not out.  I The stance of  cricket experts after this was a little quite bizarre. 
The commentators and “experts” have gone on to say that he has caught it. That maybe a bit of grass has touched it but he caught it. That it “looks worse” on tv. What does that even mean? That the video is wrong? That photos are wrong? This looks like plain evidence to me that the ball has hit the ground. There is no doubt about it. No matter if he has said that he caught it, the footage shows he didn’t. No daylight there. That.Hit.The.Ground.
If you are going to try and tell us that we should not trust the video and images then what’s next? Don’t believe your eyes? Absolute garbage. Bunch of donkeys.
Here’s what Gavin Robertson said
“I trust the player’s call. I agreed with the on-field umpire at the time (but) I can understand how it was overturned because it looks worse on TV.”
“I think it’s out. I’ll tell you why — I can get you 100 past players and they’ll say ‘you just know when you get under it’,” 
“But with video you can find any one frame and it will look not out.” 
Ok Gavin, that makes heaps of sense.

Article here
Courtesy of Fox Sports

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