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Robots are taking over the elderly in Japan

Japan reckons 80% of elderly care will be taken care of by robots by 2020. Freakin robots. That’s 2 years away. Big call isn’t it. Not sure what the elderly think about this. I don’t know if my sweet old nanna would have frothed too hard on a robot doing everything for her. Also, I wonder what the carers think of this.

Care robots might end up all throughout Japan’s nursing homes and hospitals as the government wants to use automated bots to help care for their ageing population.

The government is pushing for the public to accept this slightly different innovation with the forecast of 80% of elderly by 2020 according to reports.

As you can imagine this will radically slash the jobs and livelihoods of Japanese carers so there is expected backlash and skepticism to this tech.

“The mindset by the people on the frontline of caregiving [is] that after all it must be human beings who provide this kind of care,” said Dr Hirohisa Hirukawa, director of robot innovation research at Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology.”

“On the side of those who receive care, of course initially there will be psychological resistance.”

We can all agree that this will help in the future. What we would also probably agree on is it does appear pretty creepy.


The teddy bear head is a good touch.

The robots  that they want to use so far are:
– Simple robotic lifting devices (To help lift out of bed or bath or shower)
– Even a robot that predicts when patients want to use the toilet.

Woah, that’s pretty clever. No more “Anyone elses fingers hurt” dude from Happy Gilmore. To be replaced with a more calm robot who will never turn against us. Skynet Terminator 2.

“Robotics cannot solve all of these issues; however, robotics will be able to make a contribution to some of these difficulties,” Dr Hirukawa told

This Hirukuwa bloke apparently knows this tech pretty well. He runs a project to help 98 manufacturers test nursing-care robotic devices and has been doing it for the past five years.

We are all for robots. 2020 sounds a little ambitious don’t you think, yeah I really do think.

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