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List of good shit

Not just good shit, really good shit. Need something on this list? Let us know and you could win a pair of Speed Dealers


Breakfast – Pearth Organic Cafe (
Avocado and Hummus with a garnish of Roasted Hazelnuts, Sesame Seeds and Fennel)
Dinner – Monsterella
 – Lamb Skewers, Miliano Pizza, Panzanella salad.
Dinner – S and T weird but cheap and good (Pork skewers excuse the weird toast, Ginger vegetable stir fry, chicken larb, panang curry, papaya salad)
Wine – Geyer 2017 Rose (a rose that drinks like a red)

Dinner – Canteen Pizza – traditonal veal and pork polpette, chilli tomato sugo, parmesan
Movie – The Life Aquatic
Movie – Little Miss Sunshine
TV Show
 – The Punisher
Movie – Black Panther
Movie – Deadpool
Movie -Guardians of the Galaxy
Movie – Logan
Movie – Thor: Ragnarok
Drone – DJI Spark
Magazine – Monocle
Toy – Rubix Cube

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